iTaiwan Terms of Service

Welcome to iTaiwan!

To protect your rights, please read the following regulations before registering as a user of this service. By accepting the conditions below, you agree to these regulations.

I.   Registrants Code of Conduct

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Service of registrants under any of the following circumstances, registrants may not claim compensation in any form, and registrants are fully liable for any and all legal responsibilities.

1. Theft, alteration and/or damage of the personal information of others.

2. Unauthorized duplication of the private information of others for sale and/or reproduction.

3. Endangering telecommunications or infringing on the rights of others.

4. Unauthorized distribution of e-mails, thereby causing recipients distress.

5. Posting information in a forum that is irrelevant to the topic.

6. Sending spam to others to deliberately damage their email or communication equipment.

7. Spreading computer viruses or computer programs that can interfere with iTaiwan service operation.

8. Publishing or spreading documents, pictures, audio, or video concerning threats, libel, argumentum ad hominem (argument against the person), invasion of other's privacy, pornography or violation of the public order and decency.

9. Acquisition of resources not officially published or authorized by their proprietors.

10. Obstruction of iTaiwan system operation or increase of system load.

11. Provision over the internet of products or services violating relevant laws and regulations.

12. Using or assigning others to engage in activities specified in Section I.4.

13. Any and all other unlawful activities.

II.  Security of registration information, account, and password of registrants

1. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Service of registrants providing any incorrect or untrue information.

2. Registrants should immediately notify us when their account and/or password has been compromised or of any other security problems.

III. Collection of personal information and privacy protection

1. By registering and authenticating identity, registrants confirm that they agree (equivalent to written consent according to the Personal Information Protection Act) to allow us to collect their personal information, such as mobile phone number or e-mail address, to maintain the relevant records automatically generated by the service servers, including the IP address of their equipment, the time of use, browsers used, etc.

2. The personal information of registrants is protected and regulated in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Privacy policy of the iTaiwan Website.

3. We will not sell, exchange or lease any private information of registrants to any individual or entity; except under the following circumstances:

Request of disclosure of personal information of specific individuals by judicial authorities for the reason of public safety. We will provide possible and necessary cooperation depending on the legal and official procedures of the judicial authorities and in consideration of the safety and information security of all iTaiwan registrants.

IX. Severability Clause

1. We assume no responsibility for any damage arising from or connected with the suspension or termination of this service or any changes in service provision.

2. We also assume no responsibility for compensating the damage or loss, either consequential or collateral, as a result of radio frequency interference (such as packet loss, instantaneous break, etc.) generated by the environment and wireless transmission technology (such as Microwave, Cordless phone, Bluetooth device, and other WLAN signals).

X.  Addenda

1. The laws of the Republic of China (not including the Law Regulating the application of Law in Civil Cases involving Foreign Elements and/or other similar laws and regulations) are the applicable laws of these regulations.

2. Registrants agree that the Taipei District Court of Taiwan should be the jurisdictional court of the first instance for lawsuits arising from or in connection with these regulations.

3. The voiding of any part of these regulations will not affect the effectiveness of other parts of these regulations.

4. Registrants are fully liable for the criminal and civil responsibilities of any tort they have committed. We may refer any such case to the relevant authorities where necessary.

XI.  We reserve the right to amend these regulations at will. Amendments will be published on the registration homepage with no further notice supplied to registrant. Registrants are advised to terminate this service if they do not agree to any amendment made to these regulations. Otherwise, it is considered agreement and acceptance of the revisions or amendments made to these regulations.