Privacy Policy


iTaiwan absolutely respects and protects your privacy. In order to help you understand how the iTaiwan Website collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide to us, please read  this document carefully. It will tell you about what types of information we receive, how that information is used, and our privacy policy.

·        Personal Information Collection Policy
Information the iTaiwan website collects from uses include:

¡ Registration information
 When registering as a member of the
iTaiwan Website, you will be asked to provide your personal information, including mobile phone number and e-mail.

¡ In addition to the above, the iTaiwan websitewill maintain relevant records automatically generated by the service servers when you are browsing or surfing the Internet. The information collected will include the IP address of your equipment, time of use, and browser used. Unless you are willing to provide personal information, the iTaiwan website will not, and is unable to match you to these records.

·        Usage Policy for the aforementioned information

The information you submit to the iTaiwan Website after you register as a member will be used as a reference to provide better iTaiwan services or for designing events. Any information generated apart from your voluntary registration, such as the IP address of customer equipment, the time of use, and the browser used, will only be used in the summation of all registrants and analysis. We will not analyze the data and information of any specific registrants.

·        Policy for sharing personal information with a third party
We will not sell, exchange or lease any personal information of registrants to any individual or entity.  T
he iTaiwan Website will only share your personal information with a third party under the following two circumstances:

For the reason of public safety, judicial authorities may request us to disclose the personal information of specific individuals. We will cooperate with judicial, prosecution and investigation authorities according to the legal and official procedures of the judicial authorities and in consideration of the safety of all iTaiwan website registrants.

·        Policy of sending information via e-mail
The e-mail account provided during registration is mainly used as the communication channel or the following services.  The iTaiwan website will never send e-mail unrelated to the following content.

When retrieving a forgotten password from the iTaiwan website, an authorization code will be sent to your e-mail account for the subsequent resetting of your password.

Informing the registrant of the system maintenance of iTaiwan services.  

·        Self-protection measures
Please pay close attention to your password and personal information, do not disclose any private information, particularly the password to anyone. After using the
iTaiwan service, remember to log out from the iTaiwan Website. If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the internet browser after using the iTaiwan service, in order to prevent others from retrieving your personal information and/or e-mail. 

·        Privacy Policy Enquires
Should you have any questions about the privacy policy of the
iTaiwan Website, please contact the iTaiwan Website  via e-mail or via toll-free telephone.