Network Setting Instructions

1.  Please check that the device you are using such as a Laptop, Tablet, Computer, Smartphone, etc. supports the Wi Fi network function.
2.  To set up your wireless network access, please go to “Network Settings” and complete your wireless network setup as illustrated below.
  2-1. For Apple iOS devices

  2-2. For Google Android OS devices


  2-3. If you are using a laptop, please activate the WiFi function and search for the relevant wireless network

3.  Open your web browser, you will be automatically directed to the iTaiwan website. Enter your iTaiwan account and password to login.
4.  If this is the first time accessing the iTaiwan network, you will need to go through a verification process via your mobile phone to register for an account. The process is detailed below:

4-1. Click the “Register” button located at the bottom of screen.


4-2. Enter your mobile phone number, graphic code, and then press the “Request for Authorization Code via SMS” button. A 4-digit authorization code will be sent to your mobile phone.


4-3. Enter the authorization code received, your password, and e-mail address.


4-4. Congratulations, your registration is successfully.

5.  Log-in and Log-out
  5-1. Open your web browser and you will immediately be directed to the log-in page. Enter your mobile phone number and password to log-in.
  5-2. After verification, you can see some message that how to logout if you log in successfully.



  5-3. If you want to logout from iTaiwan, you can visit and you will be logged out.