Terms of Service


Terms of Use for Wireless Internet Access Services of iTaiwan

Hello, welcome to use wireless Internet access services (hereinafter referred to as the ""Services"") provided by iTaiwan. To protect your usage rights, please read the Terms of Use for Wireless Internet Access Services of iTaiwan (hereinafter referred to as the ""Terms"") in details before usage. Upon accepting and clicking to start surfing the Internet, you are deemed to have agreed to comply with the norms of the Services and all of the following terms and conditions.

I. Norms of user behavior

Users shall not engage in the following violations:

  1. Any act of stealing, altering, accessing, destroying personal data, and computer information through improper channels or tools or interfering with the use of the Services by other users.
  2. Any act of reproducing, distributing, publishing, transmitting, downloading, sending or storing materials that infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other rights and interests of others.
  3. Any act of retrieving, downloading or extracting database resources or collecting and using any database contents in the Services without permission.
  4. Any act of publishing illegal words, pictures or videos that involve intimidation, slander, fraud, insult, obscene pornography, infringement of the privacy of others' personal information, dissemination of false news, damage to the public interest, violation of public order and good customs, etc.
  5. Any act of spamming commercial e-mails, sending spam messages, or other messages received without the consent of the addressee.
  6. Any act of transmitting, sending, disseminating computer viruses, and other acts that interfere with the normal operation and use of iTaiwan's computer system services, which increases the burden of the service system or consumes the program use or information transmission of network bandwidth.
  7. Any act of using the Services to deliver, sell, market, broker the goods or services prohibited by domestic laws and regulations.
  8. Other acts that do not conform to the purposes of using the Services, do not comply with the ethics of proper Internet use or endanger other people's use of communications.
II. Personal data collection methods and privacy protection policies
  1. When using the Services, users are deemed to have agreed (equivalent to the written consent of Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Law) that the domain managers and the network service providers may collect the IP and MAC addresses of the connected devices, the locations when using the wireless access point (AP), the time of use, the browsers used, etc., and have agreed to keep the relevant records (logs) generated by the server machines.
  2. The personal connection data collected by the Services shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law and relevant laws and regulations formulated by the Republic of China.
III. Disclaimer
  1. 1.Prior to the use of the Services, you are deemed to have known that the Services do not have any function of transmitting data encryption. When using the Services, you shall evaluate each function, security, restriction, and bear all risks arising therefrom.
  2. The Services provide users with reasonable connection solely in accordance with the function and status of the time, and shall not be liable for the specific needs of users (including but not limited to connection speed, the confidentiality of transmitted data, completeness and accuracy of data transmission, the security of information communication, etc.).
  3. The domain manager and the network service provider shall not be liable for any service interruption caused by the change of the use environment (including but not limited to the setting of private devices, the shelter of terrain buildings, other signal interference, etc.).
  4. If there is any change in the business needs such as maintenance and repair of connecting service system equipment, obstacle maintenance, and operation conversion or other circumstances, we may have to suspend (terminate) all or part of the iTaiwan's services, and shall not bear any compensation or compensation responsibility for the user.
IV.Supplementary provisions
  1. The Terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of China (excluding the applicable law of civil law concerning foreign affairs or other similar laws and regulations).
  2. The user agrees that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of the first instance in all disputes related to the Terms.
  3. The invalidity of any part of the Terms shall not affect the validity of other parts.
  4. The user shall be responsible for the infringement or any illegal act and the issues could be reported to the relevant departments for handling according to the law if necessary.
V. We reserve the right to change the terms of Services at any time and announce the changes on the homepage without further notice to the users.